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David Sitton

President, CEO, cln International

David was born to start and grow businesses. For Halloween, he dressed up as a “businessman” in suit and tie, with briefcase in hand. As a high schooler, he would determine how many tables were in a restaurant, consider the average bill per table and the anticipated expenses, and then calculate what the gross profit might be. While in college, he started his own supply chain consulting company Read more…


Marion Daley


Marion discovered her passion for business and travel at an early age. She moved to Germany after earning her degree and joined a multinational freight forwarding organization. There, she discovered her ideal career—one that combined both business and her love for international interactions. She honed her knowledge in both import and export logistics and became proficient in her second language—German.  Read More…

Cami Meador

Director of Operations

Cami finds joy in getting to know people. She believes the world is a village and appreciates the opportunity to listen to and learn from others. However, she’s not quiet. She has opinions, and if you ask her, be ready for her to share them. Cami believes that people are an organization’s most important assets. As an undergraduate, she studied psychology and has actively developed her empathy and Read More…  

Chris Davis

International Air Export Manager / Export Compliance Manager

For Chris, life has always been about understanding the story. Having studied and practiced law, he saw in international logistics an opportunity to be part of an industry that has a physical effect on the world. More than simply moving products from point A to point B, logistics is about the story behind the product, and the needs of the supplier, agent and receiver.  Read more…

Leslie Robinson

Import / Customs Brokerage Manager

Leslie is quite mellow and laid back, but when it comes to supply chain and customs regulations her enthusiasm shines. She is committed to finding the best possible solution through the use of creative problem solving and active listening to understand what the client needs–not just what they say. Leslie’s “roll up your sleeves and get it done” management style leads her to look at each challenge as ... Read More...

Terri Graham

Warehouse Manager

Terri’s career began with the U.S. military, where she gained an appreciation for structure, punctuality, and respect for process, and developed a “get the job done” mentality. With over 25 years of customer service and project management experience, she knows that deadlines for clients are critical and process is essential. She began her career in supply chain management learning about the import process… Read More…

Wanda Wollerman

Ocean Export Manager

Wanda found her perfect career match nearly 50 years ago when she served as the liaison with Latin American clients for a large machinery company. Her love for foreign language and appreciation of travel and culture made her an asset to the company, where she gained exposure to the forwarding industry and letters of credit. Shortly thereafter she transitioned to a multinational forwarding company… Read More…

Kim McCaskill

Accounting Manager

Kim was thrown a few curve balls early in life. Fortunately, they served as motivation to pursue a career in accounting. As self-starter, she now has more than 20 years of experience in the field. She completes all projects with diligence and laser-like focus. She proactively communicates with clients about payment arrangements, coordinates ACH batches for vendors, liaises with the company CPA firm and …  Read More…

Sherry Harkey

Administrative Service Manager

Sherry moved to North Carolina from West Virginia to give her daughters more opportunities than her small hometown could offer. With a work ethic best summarized as “where there is a will there is a way,” she enjoyed success in a wide range of industries, from large corporate organizations to her own business. Sherry brought her vast experience to the CLN team when … Read More…

Jo Hughes


Adam Davis


Travis Stratford


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