Terri Graham

Terri Graham

Warehouse Manager

Terri’s career began with the U.S. military, where she gained an appreciation for structure, punctuality, and respect for process, and developed a “get the job done” mentality. With over 25 years of customer service and project management experience, she knows that deadlines for clients are critical and process is essential.

She began her career in supply chain management learning about the import process— customs clearance, managing collection of materials from overseas manufacturers and coordination with agents. She has expanded her knowledge and has familiarized herself with the export process. However, her exceptional organization skills, coupled with appreciation for process and structure, make Terri an outstanding warehouse manager. She has transformed process and accountability for the warehouse team, and emphasizes that everything they do is critical, not only to the success of CLN but, more importantly, to the success of our clients.

When she’s not in the office, Terri completes home improvement projects, spends time with her family and contemplates the next big travel adventure. As she has said, there is no place she wouldn’t like to see and there’s no project she’s not willing to try.

Terri has an equivalent associates degree in business administration and holds Haz Mat certifications. She is a two-time nominee for WFG Employee of the Year.