David Sitton

David Sitton

President CEO

David was born to start and grow businesses. For Halloween, he dressed up as a “businessman” in suit and tie, with briefcase in hand. As a high schooler, he would determine how many tables were in a restaurant, consider the average bill per table and the anticipated expenses, and then calculate what the gross profit might be. While in college, he started his own supply chain consulting company and learned first-hand the operational requirements needed to meet a client’s expectations.

Upon graduation from college, David co-founded CLN.

David’s leadership skills and his ability to understand clients’ business goals and needs are among the many attributes that have contributed to the overall growth of cln Worldwide. A leader by example, David shaped the ethos of the organization through his work ethic, rising early to communicate with European clients and staying late to ensure shipments from Asia arrived in accordance with clients’ needs. As the organization has grown, he has empowered the team to offer the same committed service to clients. David’s talent lies in his ability to understand the complexities of all types of business, as well as their their supply chain needs. His comprehensive insight helps them to achieve their goals.

However, David is not “all business.” When David is not coming up with unique solutions for clients and leading his team, he is enjoying several of his pastimes, including skiing, hiking, traveling and partaking in the unique local fare he finds during his adventures. Most of all, he delights in the laughter and smiles of his young son and looks forward to sharing the world with him as he grows up.

David earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill and is aLicensed Customs House Broker.