Chris Davis

Chris Davis

International Air Export Manager / Export Compliance Manager


For Chris, life has always been about understanding the story. Having studied and practiced law, he saw in international logistics an opportunity to be part of an industry that has a physical effect on the world. More than simply moving products from point A to point B, logistics is about the story behind the product, and the needs of the supplier, agent and receiver.

In addition to his knack for problem solving and improvisation, he has become a master at process and efficiency. Chris prides himself on his ability to translate legal language into understandable terms and consequences for clients. He works to ensure compliance to highly regulated industries, thoroughly reviewing situations without losing time for clients.

When he’s not contemplating the supply chain world, Chris enjoys restoring and playing vintage guitars, writing music and working out. However, those leisure activities play second fiddle to his newest favorite past time—playing peek-a-boo with his daughter.

Chris earned a bachelor’s degree in English and a juris doctorate in law. He is a recipient of the WFG Employee of the Year Award. He also serves as TSA Alternate Security Coordinator and is Haz Mat certified, including Class 7 Radioactive.