Cami Meador

Cami Meador

Director of Operations

Cami finds joy in getting to know people. She believes the world is a village and appreciates the opportunity to listen to and learn from others. However, she’s not quiet. If you ask for her opinion, she’ll readily share it.

Cami believes that people are an organization’s most important assets. As an undergraduate, she studied psychology and has actively developed her empathy and leadership skills to grow the operations team at CLN.  Under Cami’s guidance, each team member has autonomy and is responsible for developing the relationship with the client. Additionally they are coached to appreciate that each client’s needs are unique. With her understanding of the supply chain process, Cami and her team provide comprehensive assessments of client needs.

When she’s not offering an opinion or direction for the team, you can find Cami making apple butter or hosting friends to coffee or dinner. Most of all, she delights in chasing her toddler son.

Cami earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology and romance languages from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. She is a candidate for a master’s degree in organization development and holds Haz Mat certifications. She also serves as CLN’s TSA security coordinator and notary public.  Additionally she is a WFG Employee of the Year nominee.