Leslie Robinson

Leslie Robinson

Import / Customs Brokerage Manager

Leslie is quite mellow and laid back, but when it comes to supply chain and customs regulations her enthusiasm shines. She is committed to finding the best possible solution through the use of creative problem solving and active listening to understand what the client needs–not just what they say.

Leslie’s “roll up your sleeves and get it done” management style leads her to look at each challenge as an opportunity to find a creative solution for a client and a chance for her to learn along the way. This combination of willingness to do the work as well as seek the answers makes her both extremely efficient and proficient in the many facets of supply chain business.

When she’s not rolling up her sleeves to learn the updated customs regulations, she is rolling dough in the kitchen, baking, cooking and sharing homemade treats with family and friends (when she’s not looking, her dog sneaks some, too).

Leslie earned her bachelor of arts degree in business management with a minor in international business. She is a WFG Employee of the Year nominee.